All Lives Matter, Well, Do They?

By our editor E. Başak Alço.

Opinion Paper

When the black Americans protested saying “Black Lives Matter” against the police killing of George Floyd, there raised a voice: “All Lives Matter!”

all lives
George Floyd protests in Sweden
Image: Jonas Ekstromer

When the State of Palestine is left alone diplomatically and civils were being murdered by Israeli forces then raised another voice: “Israel under Attack!”

all lives
Smoke billows after an Israeli airstrike on Gaza City, May 2021
Image: Mahmud Hams

The same thing happened in academicians’ and students’ protests in Boğaziçi University against the undemocratic appointment of rectors in Turkey. Every time, the peaceful protests are heated by the “protested”, they initiated violence against civilians by either military or police forces and when they get a response, then they are the ones getting hurt and the ones not being taken care of.

all lives
Picture from student protests in Boğaziçi University against appointed rector, March 2021
Image: Reuters

I just want to say, no to Karens* of all countries, some lives already matter more than others and you have to first realize that. You, Karens, are all protected  and you have actually nothing to protest for, because your ideas and personalities are indeed mainstream. And your lives already matter because you are not the ones targeted, you are targeting.

In Boğaziçi protests, the media targeted LGBTQIA+ flags and tried to shift the focus, which was successful since the audience was very approachable. However, history will write what actually happened, how the police abused its power and what chaos was made because people wanted justice. The press clippings will be something to be ridiculed, I hope. I really hope that or why else do I even try so hard to find what is true or right and what their opposites are, if what really matters for the world is the perception of events.

I need safe borders in this world. I need strong countries or people not abusing their powers and I need to see every child getting the care they need. I need people to unite without religion, nationality or anything that is discriminatory and just bond through communicating with each other against abuse, violence, racism, and injustice per se.

It is said that a mutual enemy bonds countries stronger than anything else. Let it be true for human beings too and let injustice be the mutual enemy. Sometimes even ourselves should be our enemies, or we will keep running in circles. If we target a person, a group or anything temporary then the injustice will keep happening in different forms. We need more growth, more reading and more art in this world. As cheesy as it is, we need love in this world. I hope that someday we will be able to say all lives matter without being Karen about it.

*p.s. The Karen euphemism does not target any person or a group and is based on the definition from the Urban Dictionary: Middle aged woman, typically blonde, makes solutions to others’ problems an inconvenience to her although she isn’t even remotely affected.

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